Thursday, October 9, 2014

Mystery Reader Mr. Joyce

We had a visit from Mr. J (Bud Joyce). He read us a book and shared his artwork with us. He is very talented.

Fry First 100 Words

Dear Families, Today I will be sending home a list of the First 100 Fry Words. We have tested your child over the First 50 Fry Words. I have indicated which words they need to work on by highlighting in yellow. Please review the words and create flashcards if needed. There are additional words that your child can work on as we are expected to read the First 100 Fry Words fluently. This means your child will read them automatically and not hesitate to decode them. Thanks for your help!

Choosing a "Good Fit Book"


1.  Choose a book that fits.

2.  Skim for sentences.

3.  Hold up one finger each time you find a word you don't know.

4.  If you hold up all five fingers before you finish skimming, the book is too hard. Choose another.