Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Nightly Behavior Note & Reading Log

Thank you so much for diligently signing your child's Nightly Behavior Note. This is teaching your child responsibility in bringing their folder home each night and it is keeping us in communication about your child's behavior. I have been very pleased with the behavior of our students so far this year. Thank you for encouraging your child to make good behavior choices.

Starting this week, the form will look a little bit different. There will be a READING LOG on the back of the Behavior Note as well. Please record books titles, minutes read, and your signature. Research supports that when a child reads a book at their own level for 10-15 minutes each night, their ready skills will improve in several areas. Please let me know if your child does not have books at home to read. I can send home some of our classroom books for them to borrow.

Your child can also visit STARFALL.COM and RAZKIDS.COM. I will be sending home passwords this week.

Thank you for encouraging your child to read!

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