Friday, January 28, 2011

Spelling January 31, 2011

Spelling Easier List

may say
tray lay
hay pay
way ray

Spelling Harder List

thin path
thank whale
math when
white bath

Study Nightly! Spelling Test Friday!

Figuring Out Tricky Words

I remember learning to read in the early 80's. My parents would tell me to just "sound it out". If only it were that simple. The days of telling our young readers to "just sound it out" are over. This does not always work as some words just don't sound like they are spelled. Learning to read is a lofty task, and fortunately good readers are able to attack unknown words with a variety of strategies.

When your child is learning to read, it is important for them to try to figure out "tricky words" on their own instead of being told what the word is.

Good readers figure out "tricky words" by:

1. looking at the pictures.

2. getting their mouths ready to make the first sound.

3. chunking the word. Look for small words inside the bigger words.

4. skipping hard words and then going back and figuring out what makes sense.

5. rereading. Ask yourself... Does it look right? Does it sound right? Does it make sense?

6. thinking of rhyming words they know.

Please remember to remind your child about these strategies and practice them at home. Thank you for all your help! :)

Friday, January 21, 2011

February News 2012

Buzzy Bees in 1A
What’s BUZZING in Our Hive

We all feel like a big cup of hot chocolate in 1A and a snuggly blanket with a good book. The weather is finally becoming cold. What a mild winter we have had this year! Thanks so much for winter clothes when needed each day to keep your child warm.

February 13th—Healthy Snack Lady
February 13-March 13th--Reading Is Magic Kick Off
February 21st and 23rd-Parent Teacher Conferences (Early Out Both Days 2:25)
February 24th-NO SCHOOL PT Conferences

*** We are still experiencing a GLUE SHORTAGE. Please ask your child if they need more glue. We are running low as a class. Thanks!

We finished Reading: Theme 5
The students used Cause & Effect, Clarifying, and Comparing/Contrasting to help them be stronger readers. There will also be a focus on Poetry this unit.

New Theme 6: Animal Adventure (Theme Test the week of Conferences)
Skills: Story Structure (Beginning, Middle, End—Setting, Characters, Problem/Solution), Noting Details (Cause/Effect, Making Generalizations), Summarizing (Formulating Questions, Predicting/ Inferring), Naming Words for People/Animals, Things/Places, Naming Words for One More, Alphabetical Order

Our Six Traits of Writing will be CONVENTIONS. We really need to practice using periods and capital letters. We will also be writing a description this month.

Keep studying spelling words each week. We now have two lists (Easier/Harder).

MATH: We finished up UNIT 6 (Developing Fact Power)
• Please continue to work on the Weekly Homework to reinforce concepts/strategies
• Also, practice Addition/Subtraction Flash Cards to develop fast math fact recall.

UNIT 7 (Geometry and Attributes)
We will study:
* Sorting shapes by different attributes (shape, color, size)
* Identification of plane shapes (circle, rectangle, square, triangle)
* Identification 3-D Shapes (spheres, cylinders, rectangular prisms, pyramids, cones, cubes)
* Symmetry & Symmetrical Shapes

Please continue to work on Telling Time and Counting Coins. The students need to gain some confidence with this skill. Homework will continue to come home on Thursdays! :)

Science/Social Studies:
Solids, Liquids, and Gases! We will do fun hands-on learning as we discover how things can go from being a solid, liquid, and gas.

We will read books about Abe Lincoln and George Washington. We will revisit what it means to treat others with FAIRNESS and kindness and ways we can be a BUCKET FILLER. We will practice giving compliments to each other.

Happy Valentine’s Day! We have had a lot of students missing school due to sickness. I emphasize how important it is to wash hands and cover mouths. If you child has any Make-Up Work, I will send it home.

We continue to grow leaps and bounds each week. We are working hard on COMPREHENSION and QUESTIONING in our reading groups.

morning, found, shout, by, out, show, climb, cow, table, now, door, there, through, horse, wall, been, far, forest, goes, hungry, soon, evening, near

We will soon be able to visit an exciting site that Mrs Breen has put together for us to enjoy. Until then, continue to visit and

Thanks for all you do!

Mrs. Applegate

Spelling January 24, 2011

Spelling Lists for January 24th, 2011

Harder List

chat flash
crush such
shift rich
lunch chase

Easier List

cut nut
hut but
gut bug
mug dug

Study Hard! Test Friday, January 28th! :)

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Spelling January 17, 2011

Spelling January 17, 2011

Harder Desk

deck neck
black sock
stick trick
struck quack

Easier List

pet get
set jet
met pot
got lot
** trot

Test Friday! :)

P.E. February Update from Brian Dunlap

During the month of February the kindergarten and first grades will be
playing a variety of activities during their PE time. Some of the
activities will include; the climbing wall, scooters, the parachute,
ABC ladders, and tag games.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Spelling January 10, 2011

SPELLING January 10, 2011

Spelling Harder List
mine bite
drive time
five quite
twice prize

Spelling Easier List
at sat
cat that
rat it
bit sit


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Spelling January 3, 2011

Test Thursday-NO SCHOOL FRIDAY (Teacher Work Day)
Please study each night. Thanks for your help! Mrs. Dickey :)

Easier List
in pin
win thin
on pond
fun run

Harder List Long o (silent e)
smoke stole
home hope
rope stove
broke pole