Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Wednesday December 22nd. NO LATE START--YES to Early Dismissal

There will be NO regular late start on Wednesday, December 22, 2010.
Students should report for classes at the normal starting time.
Due to the early release for the holiday break, school will start at its normal time on Wednesday. Students are released about an hour early Wednesday afternoon --roughly 2:20 (or a bit after).

Friday, December 17, 2010

P.E. January Update from Brian Dunlap

The kindergarten and first grade will be using the climbing wall
during the month of January. This requires they wear shoes to school
along with their snow boots. We can't climb on the wall without shoes.
Other activities the kids will be doing during the month of January
include; tumbling, ABC ladders, and fitness games.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

January News 2011

January--What is Buzzin' in our Hive

Brrrrrrrrrrr! The cold weather is here for a bit.

January 7th-No School
January 12th-Healthy Snack Visit

*** We are experiencing a GLUE SHORTAGE. Please ask your child if they need more glue. We are running low as a class. Thanks!

Reading: Theme 5
The students will be using Cause & Effect, Clarifying, and Comparing/Contrasting to help them be stronger readers. There will also be a focus on Poetry this unit.

Writing: 6 Traits of Writing trait-Sentence Fluency
We will be working on writing sentences that vary in length. Students will be asked to try new words. We will be working to move away from-"I like..." and "I can..." sentences. We want our little writers to try new words. Keep studying spelling words each week. We now have two lists (Easier/Harder).

Math: Unit 6
We will be doing more with Adding/Subtracting, working with Fact Families (2+3=5, 3+2=5, 5-3=2, 5-2=3), and learning to count quarters. We will also be measuring with centimeters. Please continue to work on Telling Time. The students need to gain some confidence with this skill.
Homework will continue to come home on Thursdays! :)

Science/Social Studies: Me on the Map
We will be using geography tools to locate and analyze information about people, places, and environments.

Happy New Year!! First semester is ending and Mrs. Reifsteck and myself cannot believe how much the first graders have matured. I am thrilled to see all the gains the students have made thus far. Our CHARACTER TRAIT this month is fairness. Please visit with your child about ways they can be fair at home/school.

I also want to thank you for facilitating our Parent/Teacher relationship with such great COMMUNICATION (emails, Nightly Behavior Notes, drop-ins). It is very important to your child's education that we all work together and feel comfortable as a "Team". KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK and know that I am always here for any concerns/issues you may have about your child's education.

grow, light, long, more, other, right, room, small, these, could, house, how, over, own, so, world, fly, give, good, her, little, our, try, was

This is a great site to help study your Spelling Words. Have your child type the list and then they can play games and make sentences with their words.

Happy Holidays to everyone! Welcome 2011!

Mrs. Dickey

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Spelling December 13, 2010

Spelling Lists for week of December 13, 2010:

Easier List
an man
can ran
fan ten
pen hen

Harder List
make take
rage place
stage scale
game plate

Study Hard as our test is on Friday! :)

Monday, December 6, 2010

Spelling December 6, 2010

Spelling List Dec 6, 2010

split squint
strap strand
spring scrub
splash strip

Study Hard!!! Test Friday!!! :)