Monday, November 29, 2010

Holidays Around the World Unit

We are starting our Holidays Around the World Unit this week. We welcome any holiday books that you may like to share with us during the month of December. The kids love this unit as we will do crafts and read many quality children's books.

Spelling Nov. 29, 2010

Spelling for Week of November 29th


Study Hard! Our test will be Friday!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

December News
What is Buzzing in 1D

Happy Holidays from 1D! Break out the legwarmers and winter apparel.  It is hard to believe that winter will be here soon! The first graders continue to grow each day. They have been learning how to make a slide show of classroom pictures on the computer with Mrs. Breen, to telling time in five-minute intervals. They are working very hard in all areas. Thank you so much for your great communication and involvement with your child's education. Always remember that I am available to discuss any issues or concerns, and I would be happy to provide any resources you may need to help your child at home.

Dec 8th-Book Orders Due--You may want to order for Christmas Gifts.
Dec 15- Better Snack Lady-Rose 
Dec. 22- Holiday Video/Treats & 2:25 Early Out
Dec. 23-Jan 2  NO SCHOOL

READING:  Family and Friends
We will be focusing on finishing up UNIT 4 on Family and Friends. We will then move into learning about different holiday traditions and customs around the world.

WRITING: Spelling/Word Choice Trait
Lists come home on Mondays with a test on Fridays. Study the words at home. I will be starting two groups eventually. Keep studying the words at home. Learning these spelling patterns will help your child build strong reading and writing skills. In writing we are adding words that help to add detail. We are learning to choose words that DAZZLE and SPARKLE our writing.

We have been working through UNIT 5 in Social Studies. We will be talking about celebrations and families around the world. This leads us into one of my favorite units, Holidays Around the World. The students will enjoy the crafts and literature we will read about various holidays.

children, father, mother, people, come, love, your, family, friend, girl, sing, know, play, today, read, she, write, car, hold, their, down, hurt, would, hear, learn

Having trouble getting your child to read at home?
Go to this website--RAZKIDS.COM
PASSWORD: sdickeyo
Your child's name and books at their level will be waiting for them!
They will enjoy reading or having the books read to them.

Your child may have told you that Mrs. Dickey has gotten engaged to Aaron Applegate.
Aaron went with us to visit Sunnybrook to honor/entertain the veterans.

Have a most enjoyable holiday and a Merry Christmas! Drive safely if you are on travel.

Sincerely, Mrs. Dickey

Monday, November 15, 2010